Gokko/Smooth lumpsucker

Early: Winter

The North Pacific Ocean is located in the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea, and British Columbia, Canada.In the Pacific Ocean, it is located in Misaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, and north of Wakasa Bay in the Sea of Japan.

Fuyuba, which is coming to the shallow for spawning, is in season in season.
It is similar to an ancoo, and the skin and skin are bramble and soft and no scales.Both suckers and bones are soft.
The liver is soft and has a slightly stronger taste.Shirako is also delasted.The stomach and intestines are also eaten.
When the ovary is boiled, it becomes a barabara, but the mucus is slim, so it does not sink, and it flops in the broth.
Since the time of the spiky season increases in the season of fishing, the number of the inbound shipments is increased, so the soup is made by making the soup.

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