Nishin/Pacific herring

Season: Autumn to Spring

Hokkaido, Aomori and Miyagi prefectures.

The season is different in the spawning group, but spring is stable from the cold season.
The scales are thin and easy to take. The skin is very thin and weak. The bones are soft and have small bones.
It is white, but the blood is greatly conspicuous. The fat mixes and makes a layer under the skin.
Raw food is at risk of anisakis. If you eat at your own responsibility.

Herring SashimiIt is actively eaten with sashimi in the production area. In recent years, freshness has often been available in the Kanto region, and you can enjoy the flavor and strong umami that sardines do not have. It washes with water, it lowers it to three pieces, and the abdominal bone, the blood bone, and the small bone are pulled out. Cut this into thin pieces.

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