Octagon / Sailfin poacher

Season: I think it's autumn, but it tastes relatively good throughout the year.

Fish mainly caught in Hokkaido. See arrivals from Aomori and Iwate prefectures.

The scales are tightly connected and should be peeled off. The bones are soft.
The scales are hard and inedible, but when roasted they give off a crustacean-like scent.
It is white and cloudy with fat mixed in. It has a rich umami and a sweetness of fat.

Tokubire (octagonal) female sashimiThe female is small, but it is very delicious except during the spawning season. The problem is small, but cheaper than that. Even if it is troublesome, it is very good to wash it with water, peel it, and make it sashimi. If your liver is swollen, you can make liver soy sauce and eat it.

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