Salmon roe

Early: September to November

When I hear the voice of August, I will start to come from Hokkaido.

As the way of making Ira,Hot water is placed in a large bowl and the temperature is moderately lowered by water.
If the water temperature is low enough to be put on, the salt will be added to the salt, and then the muscular child will be put into the water.
In hot hot water, hogusu are hoggusu.
The cornea that envelops the egg contains a white color, and the blood vessels and the fat surrounding the surrounding egg become beads.
Wash the eggs and wash the eggs once in the water to wash the eggs.
In the two, three or four times, they wash the follicle, cornea, vascular, and fat that are broken by the water, which is broken.
Raise up to the monkeys and come to the towel to be washed, and put them in the refrigerator for an hour.
In the meantime, pickling ground is prepared.
Boil a small amount of mirin (an alcoholic drink).
This is combined with the raw soy sauce.

It is also good to use thin soy sauce for seasoning.
The cherry trees are cleaned up.
However, if you think about the flavor, the thick mouth is superior.
Also, it might be better to drink than mirin.

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