Salmon Child/Chum salmon

Season: Late autumn

The name in Hokkaido. It means an immature individual (baby of the salmon) mixed in the one which has been laying eggs in autumn.

Sashimi, salt grilled, braised, steamed (vapur), meuniere, soup (shiojiru, miso soup)
Sashimi It's like a streakless toro with salmon flavor. It relaxes in my mouth.
Salt When grilled, it swells softly from the middle side. It is mellow and juicy.
Simmering Even if it is boiled with soy sauce taste, it does not become hard, and the flavor and sweetness of salmon are alive firmly.
Steaming When I tried suer with fragrant vegetables, oils, and wine, it was still fluffy, had the taste of the body itself, and it was delicious.
Meuniere It is moderately soft and goes well with butter.
Juice When you put it in the juice, fat like a ball comes to mind. It is the fat that the sweetness comes out even if sake and the lyrin are not put in. Very tasteful and delicious.

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