About us

We will deliver fresh seafood directly to you from the northernmost sea of Japan.

Now a new era begins. Let's break down the stereotypes we're possible.

Today's freshly caught seafood is available that day. We will deliver it to you directly from the market. Your goods will be sorted by the market and will reach you without anyone touching them.

Japan Airlines, Japan Post, and local transporters will team up to deliver the information responsibly.

I bring it by cool flight (4 degrees to 10 degrees). Fares have achieved surprisingly low prices.


Our aim is to deliver more excitement than ever through Japanese food.

Let's get started.

Owner's Biography

1999: February Travel Agency in New York

2001:9/11 Bankrupt due to multiple terrorist attacks

2002: June Trading company in New York "Changed jobs to trade"

2009: April Trading company in Vancouver Canada "I moved from the U.S. to Canada"

2010: February launch of the Company's Calgary branch

2015: May The trading company's Japanese branch construction "Japanese fish via-industry"

2020: December net business launch



The sea connects the whole world.

You can get the same natural seafood as the seven seas, but japanese fresh fish is different in freshness for some reason from other countries.

The northernmost part of Japan is the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan, the Pacific Ocean and the natural blessings of ocean currents. We will deliver the caught to you directly by the hand of a Japanese craftsman.

What we can do from now on

The relationship between Taiwan and Japan has become a very important two countries. The reality is that there is some kind of barrier between countries. However, taiwan has been sent a lot of support and support money during the Great East Japan Earthquake. This remains in the mind of the Japanese as a fact. Taiwan and Japan are the only countries in Asia that can support each other. Such nearby countries and countries need to improve their distribution systems as much as possible. In order to make it easier to exchange food culture, including cultural exchanges, Sprouts.Com East River Co., Tokyo, will think day and night.

East River Sprouts.Com Llc Staff